The SBI Story

The SBI Story 1024 682 Scholar Bridge Initiative


Scholar Bridge Initiative

Scholar Bridge Initiative is a narrative of passion and desire to help. The two SBI co founders found themselves drawn by the same drive to reach out to kids from underprivileged backgrounds.



They did not have a specific place that they wanted to expend this help to and so the search began. One afternoon, they decided to walk to the Kibera Slums in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi. Kibera is one of the largest slums in Kenya and this meant that there are very many kids that are in need of the help they were looking to give.Luckily enough their walk that afternoon bore fruits, after walking into several schools and meeting with the management, they fell for one of them.

This school had just been started by a couple that were also giving back to the community. Having grown up in the slums themselves, George and his wife decided to quit their jobs and begin a school to help the kids in the Kibera slums. Brainstorm Academy was therefore born.

Walking into Brainstorm Academy, the SBI founders saw a need and vowed to rally their friends to address it and this gave birth to Scholar Bridge Initiative. The number of schools that SBI is present has since grown to 3 more primary schools in the area.

SBI is composed of team of young and vibrant Kenyan youths that are driven by the passion to help primary school pupils live a better life and see a broader perspective of life away from the one in the slums.

SBI focuses on mentoring the kids by organizing occasional sessions with mentors that interact with the kids in the school environment giving them an opportunity to have authentic conversations and underline areas that help may be needed.  Apart from mentorship, SBI rallies support from well wishers to address other needs that the kids may have such as lack of proper uniform, infrastructure in their schools such as desks and utensils. So far, SBI has conducted 3 successful projects averaging an amount equivalent to $1000 of donated items and resources.

It is our hope that through partners such as you, kids from the slum areas will be reached and helped in ways that would not have been possible before.  The SBI team is always ready to give back to the community around them and we are glad that organizations and other partners are continuing to partner with us.

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