The MasterCard Partnership

The MasterCard Partnership 150 150 Scholar Bridge Initiative




The Scholar bridge initiative has come a long way for the past 3 years; we have witnessed tremendous change and transformation not only in the children and staff that we mentor, but also in the team and the dynamics of the same.  We have seen more commitment and enthusiasm from both the mentors and the leadership of the organization.


We have been lucky enough to attract the attention of the MasterCard foundation through our work in the communities. Our model to reach out to vulnerable primary school kids and help in mentoring them has been life changing both for the kids and the lifeline of SBI. Through our scouting for partnership and funding. MasterCard foundation through the scholars program was kind enough to listen to our proposals and in turn found it worthy investing in our course.


Our committed steering team has been putting a lot of work to see some of these partnerships work and the activities they are meant for are effective.

Through this partnership with the MasterCard foundation, scholar bridge initiative is planning to work with several other primary schools that have already been identified. On the other hand, we hope that this partnership will be the beginning of many other great partnerships and relationships geared towards making the society a better place for all.

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