I am in class 6, but I also have to take care of my siblings

I am in class 6, but I also have to take care of my siblings 150 150 Scholar Bridge Initiative

I am in class 6, but I also have to take care of my siblings

It’s a chilly day in Kibera, Njeri (not her real name) is walking to school, she is in class 6 and her family lives in these slums as well. Unfortunately, her mother is very sick, she is not able to do anything in terms of helping the kids with their lives or even contribute in paying the school fees. On the other had, Njeri’s father is an alcoholic and is violent towards them, he is however not home much. As she walks to school this morning she thinks, “what can I do to better my life, will I survive to live my dreams?”

Njeri has 3 younger siblings and with her parents absent, she acts as their caregiver, she is basically their mum. Njeri’s day is not a typical as the one for class 6 pupils. She wakes up every morning at 4 am and has to prepare groundnuts as well as breakfast for her younger siblings. When its 5:30 am, she walks out of their house to hawk the groundnuts hoping to have some money for food and medicine for her sickly mother. Sometimes she is lucky, some other times she is not able to make any money. By 7:45 am, Njeri has to be in school failure to which she will receive a punishment for late coming. Her day is hectic, somehow however she has found a way to be okay with it, she seems comfortable juggling school and mum duties. It is rare that she finds time to be a kid as she has to repeat this routine each day of the week.

The notable thing about Njeri is that she is brilliant in class, given her circumstances, her performance is commendable. Over the past few months, however, her performance has been dropping since her mother fell ill, she is constantly worried about her school fees which is (kshs. 1500) for now, it is hard to raise this cash on her own as well as feed her family. Njeri says that even having a textbook is a luxury to her, apart from the ones the government provides she has no other source of books and this takes a toll on her performance.

Someday Njeri is hopeful that her life will change, she prays that she can have more resources at school so as to boost her performance. Some days are harder for her however, she wonders why the world is unfair, she feels alone and lost, she wonders how her life compares to the children born in better and wealthier families. How does it feel to be provided for?

“If only…” is the main statement in Njeri’s mind, if only she had resources… if only she had school fees if only her mum was not sick if only her dad provided for her… We would like to give Njeri hope; the Scholar Bridge initiative has the desire to bridge such gaps that exists in children’s lives such as Njeri. In our own small ways, we run mentorship programs and donation projects. We are aware we cannot do everything for everyone but we can start somewhere and you can join us in this, We want to give hope to Njeri and other children like her. We can make sure that the kshs 1500 school fees is not a bother anymore, we can buy her revision and textbooks. We have recently partnered with Njeri’s primary school in Kibera. We hope to equip their library with books they can use, buy revision books for the candidate class, and makes sure that they are prepared for the national exams.

Njeri’s story is real and represents thousands of others in Kibera that we interact with as we reach out. You can be part of us, you can join our mentorship program or help buy these books and resources for Njeri and others as well as refurbish their school library we hope that it will cost us $800. If you would want to be involved in this work, support us through;






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